Saare Paadiküla offers various additional options for a pleasant stay in addition to the accommodation. Below you will find a brief overview of the services that will make your pleasant short vacation even more pleasant

Sauna house

Possibility of sauna

Paadiküla’s sauna with a terrace is well suited for organizing memorable sauna parties, summer days and gatherings.

The sauna has a spacious steam room for up to 8 people, a washing room and a front room for changing clothes. The sauna is wood-fired. In addition, on the same terrace as the sauna, there is a hot tub for up to 8 people and a lounge with seats for up to 15 guests – together these rooms form a unique and special party place.

From the hot steam room, you can jump directly into the warming pond, which is located in front of the sauna, and after sauna, it is good to enjoy the evening, depending on the weather, either on the terrace in front of the sauna or in the heated lounge in case of cool weather.

Possibility to grill at the house, on the terrace there is a large table with a bench to enjoy a meal.